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1080i_Videos Subjective quality of HD videos (using ACR-HR and SAMVIQ methods)

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264
Quality assessment method Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference / Subjective Assessment Methodology for VIdeo Quality
Resolution 1920x1080
Created the12 Jan 2015

Presentation & Goal

The IRCCyN IVC 1080i video quality database contains 192 video sequences of 9 to 12 seconds in 1920x1080i50 resolution. Individual votes and MOS scores obtained by an ACR-HR and a SAMVIQ experiment are provided.

24 high quality video sequences in 1920x1080i50 resolution were processed in 8 different ways in order to obtain the 192 processed video sequences. H.264 video coding with 7 different, individually selected, bitrates was used to create degraded video sequences which span the whole perceptual quality range from excellent to bad. The unprocessed reference was also evaluated. 

We used Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference (ACR-HR) and Subjective Assessment Methodology for VIdeo Quality (SAMVIQ) as test methodologies.

Initial goal

This database was created to compare two popular video quality assessment methodologies. The goal is to learn about the advantages of the methodologies with respect to the test conditions. Here, the context is H.264 coding, there is a high number of video sequences to cover a large range of video caracteristics. The format is HD so a minimum of quality is required. The range of quality is reduced.

Possible usage

This HD video quality database can be used to test a video quality metric precision in an H.264 environment when transmission errors are not considered.

The high number of video sequences and the 2 methodologies can be used to evaluate the differences between the methodologies depending on the caracteristics of the source contents for example.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Suitable methodology in subjective video quality assessment: a resolution dependent paradigm S. Péchard, R. Pépion, P. Le Callet

Conference paperInternational Workshop on Image Media Quality and its Applications, IMQA2008, Sep 2008, Kyoto, Japan BibTex XML