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3D_Gaze Free task eye tracking experiment on 3D images

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Categories 3D / Eye tracking / Images
Processing No degradation
Resolution 1920x1080
Created the09 Jan 2015

Presentation & Goal

Warning : in the corresponding paper, the equation 1 to reproduce depth maps from the disparity maps has an error. The correct equation should be D = V / (1 + I*Rx / P*W), (the positions of Rx and W should be exchanged).

The 3DGaze image database contains 18 stereoscopic images and the associated fixation density map, disparity map, depth map, and the raw eye tracking data.

Among the 18 images provided, 10 images come from the Middlebury database, and the other 8 images are acquired in the campus of University of Nantes.

The database was created to measure how different features (including 2D visual features and depth information) affect the distribution of visual attention. The database can be used to evaluate the performance of computational models of 3D visual attention/saliency.

We done a free task eyetracker experiment in ITU-R BT500-11 environment.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

A computational model of stereoscopic 3d visual saliency J. Wang, M. Perreira Da Silva, P. Le Callet, V. Ricordel

Journal articleIEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Jun 2013, 22 (6), pp. 2151- 2165 BibTex XML