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DIBR_Images Subjectives scores for DIBR algorithms using ACR-HR & Pair comparison

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Categories Images / Quality Assessment
Processing DIBR
Quality assessment method Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference / Pair Comparison
Resolution Between 1920x1080 and 960x540
Created the16 Jan 2015


This database contains 96 still images and their associated subjective scores.

Three different multiview plus depth (MVD) sequences are considered in this database. The sequences are Book Arrival (1024x768, 16 cameras with 6.5cm spac-ing), Lovebird1 (1024x768, 12 cameras with 3.5 cm spacing) and Newspaper (1024x768, 9 cameras with 5 cm spacing). Seven DIBR algorithms processed the three sequences to generate, for each sequence, four new viewpoints.

These seven DIBR algorithms are labeled from A1 to A7. The test was conducted in an ITU conforming test environment. For the subjective assessments, the stimuli were displayed on a TVLogic LVM401W, and according to ITU-T BT.500. See the paper for more details.

From the generated views (96 video sequences in total), 96 still images are extracted. They are referred to as "key frames" in the papers above. However, the extraction is random : only one frame was selected out of each synthesized view viewpoint. The frame number is fixed for a given viewpoint. This database contains only the extracted still images and the video sequences will be available subsequently in a different database.

We provide 2 spreadsheets with the individual scores for ACR and pair comparison and the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for each of the 96 images.

We used Absolute Category Rating (ACR) and pair comparison as test methodologies. A text file describes the exact conditions in which the videos were evaluated.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Towards a new quality metric for 3-d synthesized view assessment E. Bosc, R. Pépion, P. Le Callet, M. K{\"o}ppel, P. Ndjiki-Nya, M. Pressigout, L. Morin

Journal articleIEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Nov 2011, J-STSP-ETVC-00048-2011 BibTex XML