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ETHyma Eye tracking data for HDR and Tone Mapped images

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Categories Eye tracking / Images
Processing HDR & TMO
Created the09 Jan 2015

Presentation & Goal

ETHyma for Eye-Tracking on High dYnamic range iMAges.

The ETHyma eye-tracking images database contains 11 High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, the associated eye-tracking raw data and saliency maps. This database contains also 88 tone mapped images from HDR to Low Dynamic Range (standard images) and their associated eye-tracking raw data and saliency maps.

The HDR images were displayed on an HDR display (Sim2 HDR47E S 4K) and the tone mapped images on a standard LCD.

It’s a free task experiment.

Initial goal

The goal of the experiment is to measure the impact of tone mapping operator (TMO) on HDR images content on the artistic attention. The saliency maps of the HDR contents is the reference saliency maps to compare the saliency maps of the tone mapped HDR images.

More details can be found in the related publications.

Possible usage

This eye tracking HDR images database can be used to validate a visual attention model taking care about HDR content.

This database can be used to compare visual attention mechanism on High Dynamic Range content and Low Dynamic Range (LDR) content.

We done a free task eye-tracking experiment in ITU-R BT500-11 environment.