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Eyetracker_2006_05 Eye tracking data on 2D images

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Categories Eye tracking / Images
Processing No degradation
Resolution Less than 960x540
Created the09 Jan 2015

Presentation & Goal

The IRCCyN IVC Eyetracker 2006 05 image database contains 27 image contents in several resolutions (around SD format). There is no degradation on these images.

It’s a free task experiment.

The images, eyetracker raw data are provided, added to the saliency maps.

Initial goal

This database was created to validate a bottom-up visual attention modeling. More details can be found in the related publications.

Possible usage

This eye tracking image database can be used to validate a visual attention model on different type content database by comparing the provided saliency maps to the output of a visual attention model.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

A coherent computational approach to model the bottom-up visual attention O. Le Meur, P. Le Callet, D. Barba, D. Thoreau

Journal articleIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, May 2006, 28, 802 - 817 BibTex XML