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H264_AVC_vs_SVC Subjective comparison between H264/AVC and H.264/SVC for mobile videos (with SAMVIQ)

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264 / H.264 SVC
Quality assessment method Subjective Assessment Methodology for VIdeo Quality
Resolution Less than 960x540
Created the12 Jan 2015



This database contains 56 (28 QVGA and 28 VGA) videos sequences and the associated subjective results. 4 different video source contents were used in QVGA and the same 4 contents in VGA. For each content, the reference (without degradation) and 6 different degradations, in each format called Hypothetical Reference Circuits (HRCs) were subjectively evaluated.

All observers seen all videos in one session.

Each observer done only one session. So the observer number 1 in QVGA is not the same than in VGA session. 

We used SAMVIQ as test methodology.

Provided data

On the FTP server, we provide the videos in the directory "Videos". These videos are AVI files. After downloading, you can visualize the video by using a video player like VLC for example.

The subjective scores are provided. An Excel file is provided. In this Excel file, there are 2 spreadsheets : one for the QVGA experiment and one for the VGA experiment. In this file, a PVS (an AVI video) is associated to a line and an observer to a column. You have access to all individual vote from each observer to each AVI video. The last column is the Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Subjective quality assessment of mpeg-4 scalable video coding in a mobile scenario Y. Pitrey, M. Barkowsky, P. Le Callet, R. Pépion

Conference paperSecond European Workshop on Visual Information Processing, Aug 2010, Paris, France BibTex XML