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SD_RoI Subjective quality evaluation on SD videos with transmission errors in Region of Interest or not (ACR-HR method)

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264
Quality assessment method Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference
Resolution Less than 960x540
Created the12 Jan 2015


This database contains the videos and theassociated subjective scores. The videos are several contents with for each content, 14 h264 coding with or without error transmission simulations. The h264 distorted are also provided. There is one spreadsheet with the individual score and the MOS for each video. A text file presents the general conditions of this test.

The contents of this database are SD videos. The resolution is 720x576 pixels, the display mode is interleaving and the field display frequency is 50Hz.

The 14 HRC are H.264 coding with or without error transmission simulations. The spatial position of the error depend of the Region of Interest. The bit-rates are selected to have a good quality if we not aware on the transmission errors. These RoI are finded in a previous eyetracker test (also available).

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Region-of-interest intra prediction for h.264/avc error resilience F. Boulos, W. Chen, B. Parrein, P. Le Callet

Conference paperIEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Nov 2009, Cairo, Egypt BibTex XML