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SD_vs_HD_H264 Quality assessment of HD and SD video contents using Pair Comparison

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264
Quality assessment method Pair Comparison
Resolution 1920x1080 / Between 1920x1080 and 960x540
Created the12 Jan 2015

Presentation & Goal

The IRCCyN IVC SD vs HD H.264 quality database contains 28 HD and 8 QHD video sequences of 10 seconds at 25 frames per second. MOS scores obtained by a comparative method with adjectival categorical judgment (pair comparison with 7 categories) experiment are provided.

Four different sequences, come from SVT, are considered in this database. The sequences are New Mobile & Calendar, Parkrun, Shields and Stockholm Pan. For the HD contents, seven H.264 bitrate were selected in a expert pretest to well cover the complete range of quality. For the SD versions, only two versions is selected (good and excellent quality).

Initial goal

This database was done to compare different resolution. Because no such experiments have been normalized yet to compare video sequences from different resolution, the authors define a new methodology.

Possible usage

This video quality database can be used to evaluate a video quality metric in a scalability context or to work on multiple resolution issues.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

From sd to hd television: effects of h.264 distortions versus display size on quality of experience S. Péchard, M. Carnec, P. Le Callet, D. Barba

Conference paperInternational Conference on Image Processing, Oct 2006, Atlanta, United States BibTex XML