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SVC4QoE_Replace_Slice Subjective quality assessment (with ACR-HR method) of VGA videos with simulated transmissions error on H.264/SVC coding

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264 / H.264 SVC
Quality assessment method Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference
Resolution Less than 960x540
Created the12 Jan 2015



This database contains 9 contents with for each content, the reference (without processing or degradation) and 14 different HRCs. The HRCs are h264 and h264/SVC with simulated transmission errors. Several error concealments was tested using the h264/SVC capability. There is one spreadsheet with the individual score and the MOS for each video for the results of subjective test using ACR methodology. A text file presents the conditions in which the videos was evaluated.

The contents of this database are VGA (640x480) videos. The display mode is progressive and the frame rate is 60Hz. 

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Aligning subjective tests using a low cost common set Y. Pitrey, U. Engelke, M. Barkowsky, R. Pépion, P. Le Callet

Conference paperEuro ITV, Jun 2011, Lisbonne, Portugal BibTex XML

Evaluation of mpeg4-svc for qoe protection in the context of transmission errors Y. Pitrey, M. Barkowsky, P. Le Callet, R. Pépion

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