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VQEG_HDTV_Pool2 Subjective quality scores on 1080i videos (with ACR-HR method)

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Categories Quality Assessment / Videos
Processing H.264
Quality assessment method Absolute Category Rating - Hidden Reference
Resolution 1920x1080
Created the12 Jan 2015



This database contains 168 videos sequences, the subjective results and auxiliary data such as the transmitted video files. 9 different video source contents were used. For each content, the reference (without degradation) and 15 different degradations called Hypothetical Reference Circuits (HRCs) were subjectively evaluated.

The HRCs are based on H.264 and MPEG2 coding with and without transmission errors.


The contents of this database are 1080i videos. The display mode was progressive (hardware de-interlacing) and the frame rate was 60Hz. General conditions :

Display LCD TvLogic LVM401
Luminance 0.16/200cd/m²
Observation distance 3H
Resolution 1920x1080
Frequency 60 Hz
Methodology ACR
Duration 45 minutes
Number of videos 168
Rejection method VQEG MM tesplan
Number of observers 24 (0 rejected)


Provided data 

We provide a spreadsheet with the individual scores and the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for each of the 168 Processed Video Sequences (PVS).

We used Absolute Category Rating (ACR) as test methodology. A text file describes the exact conditions in which the videos were evaluated.

The PVS (avi videos) and the bitstreams (H.264 and MPEG2 files) are available for download free of charge on the Consumer Digital Video Library ( due to copyright restrictions of the source content. They can be identified as being part of the VQEG HDTV dataset 2 (vqeghd2). In order to access them, use the CDVL search function with : "Subjective Experiment vqeghd2" and select "Match all".

Additionally, we provide the bitstreams (hmix and pcap files) on our ftp server.

Hypothetical Reference Circuits (HRC)

The H.264 HRCs are coded with the JM coder version 15.1. The MPEG HRCs are coded with ffmpeg. The transmission errors were generated with a modified version of the JVT RTP simulator. More details can be found in the above-mentioned paper.

Source publication : Please, cite the following paper(s) in your publications if you use this database in your work

Analysis of freely available dataset for hdtv including coding and transmission distortions M. Barkowsky, M. Pinson, R. Pépion, P. Le Callet

Conference paperFifth International Workshop on Video Processing and Quality Metrics (VPQM), Jan 2010, Scottsdale, United States BibTex XML