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Network simulation & emulation

Tested implementation for the ANR-SEREADMO project

Joint resources with LINA UMR 6241, IRCCyN, Polytech Nantes


  • Analysis and design of communication protocols
  • Experimentation : Simulations, virtualisation
  • Applications : self-organized networks (Manet, sensor networks, P2P), multimedia services over packet networks, distributed storage (P2P Cloud) FEC algorithm (Forward Error Correction)

Constitution of the platform

Active devices


Servers  Simulators 

18 routers CISCO 7200

6 Gb Ethernet switches

Networking monitoring probes

3 firewalls

Network monitoring probes

Cluster of 8 nodes (DELL3120) for distributed file systems (plateform FEC4Cloud)

14 PCs

4 computing PCs

1 laptop for outdoor mobile experimentations

IP phones

Video phones

7 Notebooks

1 Room server with catering system (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and Debian)

1 Computing server (16 cores, 64 Go RAM)

1 Storage Server (5 To, RAID 5, SAS 15000, 6b/s)

Emulation / traffic generation and multimedia services (SmartBits 6000B)

Discrete event simulator NS 2


QualNet 5.0 - 16 cores architecture


Research projects

  • ANR FEC4Cloud
  • ANR Security SAFIMAGE
  • CPER C2M
  • Région Miles/axe Mattador

Collaborations and users

  • Academic collaborations (joint publications) : LiX (Polytechnique), ISAE-Supaero, Monash University, University of Melbourne, University Cluj-Napoca, Roma 3
  • Industrial collaboration : Thales, Alcatel-Lucent, British Telecom, SAP, Trident Media Guard, Alphalink, Rozo Systems, Easyvirt

Main results

  • IETF Contributions (MP-OLSR)
  • Channel and multiple description coding based on the Mojette transform
  • Hybrid protocol (Client/server and P2P)
  • Spin-off : Rozo systems