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Electro-physiological systems

The IVC group is equiped with several system from comsumer grade to medical grade. Depending of the condition of the test and the desired measurment, we can choose and combined several of these systems. For exemple, these systems can be used to have objective physiological measurment to help the subjective evaluation of some contents.


Model Image Grade Electro-physiological measurment Tools Description
TMSi Porti Medical EEG, EMG, ECG, EGG, EDR/GSR   The system can be used to measure ElectroEncephaloGraphy signals with specific headset with water connections. ElectroMyoGraphy signals can be recorded on the face and the activity of the muscles on the body. ElectroCardioGraphy can be use to measure the cardiac activity. ElectroGastroGraph can be used to measure the activity of the stomach muscles. ElectroDermal Response can be used to measure the electrical skin conductance.
Emotiv EEG

Consumer EEG EPOC SDK Education Edition The Emotiv headset is an EEG consumer grade. It can be used to recorded 14 ElectroEncephaloGraphy signals from people. It can provide 5 processed affectiv signals.
Neurosky MindWave

Consumer EEG Matlab and Python SDK The Neurosky headsets is an EEG consumer grade with 1 channel. It can provide 2 processed signals : meditation and attention.
Neurosky MindSet Consumer EEG Matlab and Python SDK
Grand Seiko WAM5500

Professional Refractrometer Software capture provide The WAM5500 measure the pupil diameter and the accomodation on real scene.